Friday, November 5, 2010

AHHH, Sombody stole my day!

Okay, so, no one's actually stolen a day off of me, but it certainly feels that way. I had well founded intentions of writing many thousands of words today, and of getting imense amounts of work done, and of writing this post at a reasonable hour so that I could still call it today, and not, at the last minute. But, somewhere along the line, the day disappeared into a sleep deprived haze of work, and volunteer commitments. Now it's late, and I'm without time, and without a word count, and without any evidence of having put effort into my writing today...

In a perfect world, all I would have to do would be maintain some semblence of a social life, and write. But, unfortunately, I have bills to pay, and commitments to keep, etc. etc. etc. Maybe if I could actually manage to get more than four hours sleep a night, or if I had an extra six or so hours in the day to get everything done.

Well, that officially makes it two days in a row without having done much work, leaving me, as I said yesterday, 6668 words behind my two novel target, or in the best case scenario, 3334 words behind a single novel target...

I promise that tomorrow I won't write about how hard I am having it, I even have a topic I find interesting, or at very least, amusing to talk about...


  1. It would be wonderful to be able to just write wouldn't it? I found myself in that haze last night, and for the first time, I did under 2000 words for the day. It's Friday morning for me, and I still have the rest of the day, and when you wake up, you will still have all of Saturday! Can't wait to see what your next topic is! Good luck :)

  2. Saturday was unfortunately a wipe out as well. I had a work safety meeting I was expected to attend, and of course the obligatory social event following the meeting. I don't mind, in fact I quite enjoyed myself. But it does weigh on me that I didn't get any work done, and, I didn't even get a post up for yesterday. But, it is nice to know that someone else is finding it challenging, and I continue to appreciate your comments. Thank you for reading.