Monday, November 8, 2010


So, one of my muses read what I have written so far, and was impressed. Now, she hasn't read anything I've written before, so it did give me sort of a boost. But, ultimately, this post isn't about how various people in my life enable my ego. This is about Editors.

She gave me a few hints as to what I should add, or change, and it got me thinking about the nature of editors. Every time I hear people talk about editors, they don't really have a whole lot of nice things to say. Admittedly I don't have a real editor, but I actually look forward to getting any sort of criticism, it lets me know if I'm on the right track. She only made a few suggestions, and came up with a few tweaks to the styling, but it still makes me wonder how people can get so frazzled at being told the ways in which their novel doesn't make the grade.

The only possible thing that I can think of is maybe the idea that being told that maybe they aren't quite good enough just yet damages their precious ego. But to people who can't take being told that they need to fix something, need to work on their novel some more before it's finished, I have only one thing to say: Get over yourself!

Seriously, every author gets revisions back from their Editors. Every author has to revise, and rewrite. Every author doesn't get it right the first time. I read, a lot, and when I read advice from published author's on how to get published, they all say the same thing. Every piece of work needs revision, and getting help from someone who reviews work for a living is the best way to ensure you aren't wasting your time.

Well, I've had my rant, so, I'm signing off now. Enjoy.

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