Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Great Annual Spreadsheet

So, last night at work, I tackled the annual spreadsheet. I always spreadsheet my NaNo writing. I can't see any other way to hit my targets than to schedule out my words per day, and just write something every day, hoping to hit those targets. I'll post a screen shot of my spreadsheet at some stage, but that's not really what I'm writing about it for.

The reason I've decided to mention it here is because, I still don't like my story. And for some insane reason, I've decided that it's not fair to stop this story and start again just because I've had another idea (I've actually had several now), so I'm going to finish this one. The reason this is insane is because, I've also decided that I want to write another story this month. Another NaNo challenge for myself. Yeah, I know, crazy, as if 50,000 words wasn't enough of a daunting task. So on my spreadsheet, my daily required word count isn't 1667, its 3334. Like I said, crazy.

The good news is that if I can knock off this story in its normal 50,000 words by the 15th, then I should, theoretically have enough time to repeat it and write a second novel. Of course, I assume that I won't have let go of my last shred of sanity, and decided that the world is better off if I burn it to the ground. That last scenario, I reckon I could get at least 50/50 odds on it happening you know...

Well, clearly I've lost my mind, even more so than most NaNoers, but, at least I'm not giving up right?

Days Remaining: 27
Words Remaining: 39678 / 89678 (crap that's a lot of words...)

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