Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When the Work Day Is Over

Last week, while at work, I was able to write. My work location gave me the ability to keep my laptop running on a desk while I worked, and I could write when there was no work to be done. It worked out well, and I got quite a bit done. But now, different tasks, and different working locations means no time to write, and nowhere to keep the laptop. And, because I work long hours and shift work, I'm left with little or no time to write when I get home.

So, my writing is suffering. In years past, I've always compensated for my lack of ability to write while working by writing double on my days off. It's a workable system, at very least, and it's brought me to three wins from four attempts. But now, I'm looking at a target that seems oh so far away, we're approaching the half way point, and I'm not even close to half way through my word count.

I suppose it's all be worsened by the fact that I started over, and left my original story behind to pursue a new and more exciting one. Part of me doesn't even want to do that. Really, I would love to sink my teeth back into a mainstream fiction concept, but if I always write the same thing, then I will never grow as a writer.

With every passing moment, the deadline grows closer and closer. and I want to finish, and I want to win. But it will be a hard push to make it from here. But, all I can do is try...

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